SCREAMSCAPES: Tales of Terror

Screamscapes: Tales of Terror - Evans Light It is so hard for me to write a review on short stories, especially when they are ones that I really like. I am so afraid of giving away too much ... This was a great selection of stories and I really enjoyed everyone. My favorites, by far, were Crawlspace, Arboreatum, Curtains for Love (which had an alternate ending and both were good) and The Package.

Funny story: The Package is a story about Santa. And this particular Santa reminds me of a guy who works here at my apartment complex. I highlighted all the "good parts" in my Kindle, then handed it to him and told him to skim through. He was laughing so hard that another guy that works there came over to look at what he was reading, and he laughed too. Next thing I know, they are both on Amazon purchasing the book. If that doesn't say you should buy this book, I don't know what will :D

Must ... read ... more of him ...