Show of hands - Who likes to read YA?

I ask because a) I'm curious, as I like a lot of them as well, and find it interesting to talk to people who feel the same way that I do, and b) I have an author friend who is looking for people to read one of her's.


Now, before you get all huffed at me, I very rarely do this, and she is an established author who is published by Red Adept Publishing, so she's not one of THOSE authors that you don't want to get involved with.  I am not in any way setting up a blog tour, and she isn't either - just wanted to know if I knew any reviewers/bloggers who might want to give her a-go.


Her name is Kelley Bowles and I am currently reading the second book of a cozy mystery (starring two teachers).  I've really enjoyed both of them.  I think she's got some talent - if I didn't, I wouldn't even ask.


If you're interested, feel free to message me below or shoot me a message... or shoot her a message and drop my name.


If not, trust me, there is no worries at all.  I know how we all are about reading and you have to really want to read it and it be up your alley and she's not setting a specific time or anything like that.


Title: Down in the Belly of the Whale

Author: Kelley Kaye Bowles

Genre: Young Adult

Sub-Genres: Suicide; Values & Virtues; Diseases, Illnesses & Injuries

Publisher: Aionios Books, LLC

Publication date: 5.5.2018

Pages: 241