I Am the Absolute WORST Book Blogger

To be honest, I can't even really call myself that anymore, not with a straight face.  It has been SO long since I've been an actual blogger - and not just posting interviews, other people's works, and the odd review - that I seem to have forgotten how to do it.


Blogging is NOT like riding a bike.  You do forget what you're doing, and how to do it.  I have tried so many times... and fallen off more times than I can count.


I miss here, and I miss Goodreads.  I miss having actual conversations about books.  I miss reading people's post about books.  I miss seeing what my friends are reading, and sharing in their happiness when they finished a book they loved, or in their anger when they wasted their time on a book with a horrible ending.  I miss griping about characters.


I miss y'all.


I have tried to come back a couple of times, but was always afraid to stay longer than just a little bit, because I... I don't know... I just feel like I don't belong here anymore.


I feel like I don't belong anywhere.


I let someone ruin blogging for me, ruin reading for me, ruin the whole book world for me... someone who never deserved to be in my world in the first place, someone so afraid of failing that he had to ruin the people around him so that he would look like the greatest.  It hurt a lot because I considered this person a friend, and hurt even more when I found out that people who I also considered friends were believing his lies about me.


So I came over to share links... and then ran away like the coward I am.


I would like to come back, if y'all will have me.


I can't promise it won't be hard for me, but I will promise that I will try.