A break from social media + The Gal's Halloween Frivolities

This spur-of-the-moment move to Florida has been quite stressful, but absolutely amazing, and definitely what I needed in my life.  Getting the house fixed up and furnished has been time consuming, and it's finally almost complete.  BUT... that left me needing a break from social media... even though I had just come back to some of them (i.e. BookLikes and Goodreads).


I didn't stop posting on The Gal in the Blue Mask, though, so if you follow the link, you'll get to see all the Author Interviews and Character Interviews that have been posted while I was gone.


I have them going up until the middle of the month, and then I will begin my Christmas Takeover stories.  There were a LOT of authors interested in participating via interviews this year.  I'm loving this.

Source: http://the-gal-in-the-blue-mask.blogspot.com