REVIEW: Billy & the Cloneasaurus

Billy And The Cloneasaurus - Stephen Kozeniewski

Can you imagine what it's like to live in a world full of 6 million people just like you? I mean literally - a world of clones, each a balding, middle-age man named William. Add to that the fact that you live for only one year before you're sen to a machine that chops you up and feeds you to the next group of Williams being "born" that day.


Things change, though, when something goes wrong and 790 lives past his death date due to an accident that leaves the machine in need of repairs. That one moment leads to a series of moments - and questions - that change THIS William's life completely.


Having read Stephen's book, Braineater Jones, I went into this book with thoughts in mind, but really having no idea where this story was going (I will admit that I didn't even read the book description, but had stared at the cover for weeks on my Kindle... curious). This definitely wasn't what I expected, but should have been, considering the off-beat humor that he has throughout Braineater.


I really enjoyed this book. I like Billy and the other characters, and seeing how, even though they were clones, they had their differences. There were parts that made me laugh, and other parts that made me just sit there at the Kindle and stare... or maybe glare is the word I'm looking for. I also like how the story came together in the end.

If you're looking for a fun book that doesn't take long to read... or much brain use... and like a good chuckle, you should check this book out. (And Braineater Jones, too.)