Spore - Tamara Siler Jones

I really got into this book from the very first page. Why? The main character. I have this thing about the sarcastic anti-hero and really don't think it can ever be overdone, as long as it's done well. That and the fact that there are ten naked people in his backyard. I mean, does that actually happen?


The story itself is really good - different - and I couldn't stop reading because I wanted to know what was going to happen next. There are a lot of amazing moments, and some memorable twists, in this book. The nightmares that Sean has are well written and freaky, especially when reality starts to look like those dreams.


I loved the way she expresses how people are feeling, the confusion, the fear. She does a good job getting into their heads and helping the reader to feel what her characters are feeling. I enjoyed how she wrote Sean, not just because he's sarcastic and not the one you would expect to be the hero, but because there are a lot of levels to him, and I liked how he took charge and protected these people, some that he didn't even know until this began.


I have to give her a standing ovation - She took zombies and made them fun for me again. She did it in a different way and made them enjoyable. I've grown so tired of the way that most authors depict them, and the fact that so many include them in their stories anymore, but she did a fantastic job. And I very much enjoyed the ending. I can't wait to read more from her.