What Makes It Worthy

What Makes It Worthy: A Novel - David Paul Kuhn

This book was just ... wow!! Yup, one of those - where your brain just can't even function when it's all over. I've spent all day trying to recover from the story just so I could write up this review, and even now, I still can't get my thoughts in order enough to be coherent.


The story is basically a look into politics and how much of a hand the media has in it, not just of it's own doing, but the way it's used by people in each party - and outside influences - to make things more "tabloid." The story revolves around Taylor and Cait, both members of the media, just in different forms.


The writing is eloquent and moving, and I love how he expresses events that are fast-paced - the party at the beginning of the book, I mean, I felt like I was there. I wish more writers had this ability. I also really like his characterization - each person feels so real, no matter what level they are on, and are written in such a way that you feel like you know them; the whole thing feels like you are part of the story itself, the emotions, the stress.


This is an incredible story, one that is definitely on my top favorites of the year. Anyone who is interested in politics and how it works, who gets frustrated by the media and the way they look at, pinpoint or ignore important things, should definitely give this book a read. The whole story is reminiscent of what is going on now, and what has been going on for the past couple of presidency runs, and it's just really good. It was so hard to put this down.


I enjoyed all of the characters, but Erin, Cait's mother, was my absolute favorite. She's amazing and I wish I had been able to learn more about her.