Spinner - Michael J.  Bowler

I am a huge fan of horror, and have really gotten into young adult books lately, especially ones that have a lot of adventure, interesting characters, and a story that excites me. This book has all that ... and then some.


Before I discuss the story itself, I want to talk about the characters. These are definitely characters you don't hear about often. Alex is fifteen, in a wheelchair, lives in a foster home, and is in Special Ed in high school ... and has special powers. His friends are all in the same class with him - they are the "rejects" and yet they are the ones that are going to save the world. I absolutely love the character of Alex, and all of his classmates, especially Roy. Each one of them have their own personalities, and bring their own things to the story and to the adventure. He describes them perfectly, too - in such detail that you can picture them in your head, but not done in a way that takes away from the story. It's so great to see children with special needs and learning disorders used as the heroes of a book, and the author did a great job doing it. Seeing them try and fail, and keep trying, in spite of the way they were treated in school, was an amazing thing to see, and Bowler wrote so well that I really felt like I was there with them throughout the story, like I knew these boys.


The story is really good. The things they have to go through, the powers and people they are up against the whole way, the mysteries they work to solve, all with a much bigger picture than they can realize. It's an epic adventure that I'm sure lots of children (and Young Adult lovers) will enjoy. The horror aspect of it is done really well - just the right amount of creepy for a young adult novel, as far as I'm concerned.


Definitely check out the introduction to the book before you get started on the story. The author tells you a little bit about himself and why he chose the characters that he did for this novel.


Definitely a book that I highly recommend. This would be a great book to share with older children who are into adventures and scary things.