Tessa Beth & Co. and the Godmothers' Nursery Rhymes

Tessa Beth & Co and the Godmothers' Nursery Rhymes (The Sugarplum Recipes Book 1) - Wendy Salter

This book is a set of stories about Tessa Beth as a baby, and the time she spends with her godmothers, Godmother Dear and Godmother Honey. Each story is followed by a recipe that goes with the story, and there are some cute little drawings throughout.


I really enjoyed the stories. They are cute, funny, and well written. The Godmothers seem like a lot of fun, and hearing about the things they do together was really neat. The recipes sound great and I look forward to giving them a try.


Highly recommend. I mean - cute kid stories, great characters AND cooking. How could it possibly be wrong?