The Lord of Shadows Rises

The Lord of Shadows Rises - James Terzian

I have so much to say on this book, and yet I have no idea where to begin. It's a really interesting story, with a lot of action and fight scenes galore. I enjoyed it quite a bit, which I wasn't so sure that I would at the very beginning, but the story and characters kept me wanting to know more. I think the author has a lot of imagination and talent, and I am interested in reading other things that he comes up with. When I was talking to a friend about it last night, one of the things that I said to her was that I think this book would be really good for middle school and high school boys. Now, I know that's considered sexist, but I've worked with a lot of younger boys in helping them find things that they would be interested in reading, that would keep their attention, and to me this book has that - the action and fight scenes that would pull them into the story and keep them there, and a really neat main character that they could potentially imagine themselves as.


My issue with the story is actually more centered on the editing of the book. See, I think that the editor did not do the project justice. James Terzian has a learning disability, and he's very honest about it. When you look at the issues with the story, you can kinda understand that they're there and why they're there. I mean, story alone I was really impressed, and having known people in my life that have learning disabilities (and being dyslexic myself), I know how hard it is to be able to put your thoughts onto paper. I feel like the job of a good editor is to help an author pull their thoughts together and make sure they make sense, and there were parts of this story that just ... didn't. There were issues with grammar and other stuff, which made parts of it hard to get through, and it's so unfortunate because the underlying story has so much potential. I could see this being a five star book, and I really hope that the author takes the time to get this book reedited so that it can stand out and be the amazing book that it can be.