Braineater Jones

Braineater Jones - Stephen Kozeniewski

At the time I purchased this book, I had really had it with the whole zombie 'thing.' I had seen SO many movies and read SO many books that were all pretty much the same, that I had sworn off the lot - and was avoiding dystopian as well, since so many authors seem to believe that zombies and dystopian go hand-in-hand. I was absolutely sure that there was no one who was going to be able to come up with something new and fresh, something exciting and out of the ordinary...


That's when I stumbled upon this book. As usually happens with me on Amazon (and Pinterest - my apologies to anyone who follows me there), I was looking at one thing and ended up, thirty minutes later, looking at the cover of this book. It completely caught my attention and, after reading the book description, I knew I needed to try this out. Maybe it's been done before, but I hadn't seen a zombie PI from back in the 30s and this grabbed my attention on so many levels. I mean, I'm a big fan of mysteries and noir, so how could this be bad?


Trust me - it wasn't.


The main character, Braineater, is pretty awesome. He's sarcastic as hell, and I have this thing about sarcastic main characters. He's new at this whole zombie thing, having recently died, and there are a lot of things to get used to (not even including the fact that their bodies start to change after awhile). Throughout the book, he has some small mysteries that he tries to solve with his new PI business, tries to figure out who murdered him, avoid getting into trouble (which he's not always successful at) - and he meets some crazy characters along the way.


The story itself is so good. The mystery of his murder - and the truths that he finds out along the way - are really thought out and well written. And you can tell that he knows a lot about this era (or did a lot of research) - the terms he uses, as well as social and behavioral points he touches on in his story.


My favorite part of the whole book is the brothel. Wow! It was so out there and different - and absolutely hilarious. And I love the "guy" that Braineater ends up partnering with.


Considering the different genres that this book could fall under, I can see a lot of different readers liking this book. And it's definitely recommended - this is going on The Gal's best read list this year and I wish it hadn't taken me so long to read it.