Yeager's Law

Yeager's Law - James Scott Bell

"Guilt is an acid that corrodes a man's self-image, etching it with scars that never heal."


The book description on this one really caught my attention, giving me very high hopes for this book. I am so glad that Mr. Bell didn't disappoint.


From the very beginning, I was pulled into the story, and the action - which there is a lot of - was awesome. Just when you think things are beginning to settle down, something else comes out of left field to peak your interest and get your heart racing once again. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this story.


The descriptions of Texas, where a lot of the story takes place, are spot on and you feel like you're there with them. I like how the author includes the things they are "seeing" in the story without it making you feel like you're on some sort of tour through the cities.

The characters are easy to take a liking to and are well written. I really liked Abel and Charlie. Both of them were more than what you expected them to be when you first met them. Even the bad guys had personalities that kept you wanting to follow their every movement, to know more.


Favorite character is Victor ("Por Que") - I guess I just have a thing for the sarcastic ones. He had my full attention from the very first we meet him, and there were times in the book that I wanted him to be part of the action. (Just made me appreciate when he was there more, I guess.)


Favorite line: "My papa finished your gun. Nice sights, by the way. I went by our house, man, and I have to tell you... you ever hear about a thing called paint, dude? I mean, shit, your house, it wouldn't even qualify for a crack house." (I laughed pretty hard. Maybe it's because I knew people back in San Antonio that talked like this.)


I do want to point out that I felt the editing on this one could have been a lot better. After checking to make sure that I had received a final copy, I was disappointed to find that there were words missing from sentences and words out of order. I do realize that it is often hard for me to turn off the editing side of me. I, however, read this book for fun and there were parts, though really good, that could have been better if I didn't have to go back and reread, trying to figure out what word should be there. This could be just a personal thing for me, but I find poor editing bothersome and something that takes away from the flow of the story.