The Ludus 1: Hunting for Witches

Hunting for Witches: The Ludus: Book One - Lana Pecherczyk

Hunting for Witches is a novel written in first person from Roo's point of view. She's a little different, but at the same time, you feel like she could be you, or at least someone you know. She has family issues, has that "different" problem, has had some trouble in her life, and is a single young lady who is unsure of herself - but she has her reasons.


Now, I'm usually not a fan of first person novels, mainly because they can come across as a journal entry or a letter to a friend. This one, though, I really enjoyed. Coming from the first person, we had the chance to get to know her a lot better than we would have if we were learning about her from a narrator's point of view, and it flows quite nicely. The author also manages to let us see glimpses into how other characters are feeling, and what they are going through, which I really enjoyed. For example, at the beginning of the story, Roo's sister gives her some dream recordings, which allow her to see things from the past, and get a better idea of how and why her sister feels the way that she does.


The characters in this book were amazing. The story starts off merely good, but gets a lot better as you go through the book. I think it's a good beginning to a series, and am interested in reading more - I really want to know where these characters go and how the story pans out.


There were a few things I didn't like, and they could, honestly, just be me. First, I was given a copy from Bewitching Book Tours and there were some editing issues in the book. Not a lot to really deter most people from reading, and I was not told whether this was a completed novel or not, but it was enough to kind of bug me a little bit. Second, I get so SO bored with novels that seem to constantly (maybe I'm exaggerating a bit) harp on how good looking specific characters are. The girl can't stop looking at the guy, the guy notices how good looking she is, they keep talking about muscles and body parts and blah blah blah blah blah. Maybe that's what reality is like for a lot of people, maybe that's what people envision when they think of fantasies, but neither of those are true of me. We get that he's good looking. WE don't have to keep discussing it. And that leads me to my next point. Third, the attraction - or "attraction" - whatever. They kind of took away from the story for me. I found myself irritated with those bits, wanting to go back to the bits that moved the story along. But, again, these problems may just be my "problems" and not an actual problem for someone else.


Note: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. Please remember that this review is my opinion based on my personal impressions of the book.