The Experiment of Dreams

The Experiment of Dreams - Brandon Zenner

When Sage contacted me and asked me if I would be interested in being part of this blog tour, I immediately recognized the cover of the book, something that I had purchased sometime last year, but hadn't had a chance to read yet. Since it was something I had planned to read anyways, I went ahead and said yes. And I'm glad that I did. And irritated with myself for waiting so long to read this.


I enjoyed this book. It was an interesting story line, the main character (Ben) captivated my attention (especially the emotions that he had about the death of his wife) - when the story line changes from just a guy seeing a new doctor, I kept reading and reading. Now, there were parts where things were a little far-fetched, where the writing needed some help (a second edit would be a wise decision), but all-in-all the story was good, different, and I enjoyed reading it. I would also read more from this author - I love the way he describes things, the detail that he adds.