The Todor Trilogy 2: Disintegration

Disintegration: The Todor Trilogy - Jenna  Newell Hiott

"Aerie is gone. Your home is gone. Your teachers are gone and, yes, your ancestor is gone. Let yourself mourn; grieve for what you've lost, but let go of guilt and blame for these only serve to disrupt Oneness. And when you are able, step back an see that all of Todor is now like a blank parchment or an unfolded piece of clay. With the queen's death, Todor lost its ruler. With the destruction of Aerie, Todor lost its wealth. And with the end of Keeper Clary, Todor lost its history. Toro has a chance to start completely anew. Perhaps it is time to choose to create a land free of boundaries between the different type of glitters, for enemies only exist as history dictates. With the land's history gone, there are no enemies. Perhaps it is time to choose to create a land free of servitude of any kind. And perhaps it is time to choose to create a land free of deception and secrets."


Disintegration begins where Revelation ends. Death, destruction and sorrow surround Soman and his trust is lost, along with a lot of the people that he grew up with, the people who raised him, his "family". The three young children that we watched grow up in book one, that we watched love, change, and then be separated, are far from what they were when we first met them, some not for the better. When they went off for training, they each found their fathers, the truth about themselves and their people, the powers that they have, and more secrets were revealed. War is beginning and Gemynd is now no longer Soman's best friend; he is his enemy.


I found this story to be even better than the first, which I didn't think could be possible. From the very beginning of the story - or middle, I guess I should say - I was pulled in and could not put this book down (until around 4am when I finally finished). And, again, I am waiting for book three because I want - no, need - to find out what happens next.


Note: I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. Please remember that this review is my opinion based on my impression of the story.