The Todor Trilogy 1: Revelation

Revelation: The Todor Trilogy, Book One - Jenna Newell Hiott

I really got into this book from the beginning to the end. The story itself is very interesting and kept me reading, but the best part was the individual characters that I met throughout the story. The whole thing was very well written, but the way it was written, each chapter focusing on an individual main character, really helped you to learn about them, as well as learn about the others by seeing how they view each other.


Gemynd, Nuna and Soman were all three born on the same day and were the only three born that year. When it was time for them to progress to the sevens (age), they learned that there were a lot more secrets than they had originally anticipated. As they grew older, and grew closer together (they were the best of friends), they found out that not all of the things they learned were the truth, and not all of the secrets were told to them that day.

The author has a deep insight, which you can see in the way that she talks about the beliefs of these people who live in Aerie. It is a very peaceful country where everyone works together and lives in joy. Once they leave their land, they find out that not everyone is as good as the people of Aerie, and their lives change, not always for the good.


I loved this story and recommend it to anyone who loves epic fantasies, BUT I was disappointed with the way the story ended, as if we were watching the season finale and had to wait in anticipation for the next season to begin. The books in this series are definitely not stand-alone books and I'm glad that I waited to read this one after I already had book two in my hands.


Favorite quote: "I would venture to guess that you experience the most pain when you think of the future. When you think of having to endure many moments, many days, without Gemynd," she said, bringing a fresh wave of tears flowing from Numa's eyes. "But you could make the choice to not think beyond this moment right now. And if in this moment you feel sorrow, then feel sorrow and let it flow through you. Just choose to think 'right now I am sad.' When thoughts about the future come in, such as: 'What if I still feel this way tomorrow?' or 'Can I bear it if I feel sorrowful for the rest of my life?' simply choose to ignore them. For you are choosing to focus on only one moment at a time. And you can bear anything if it is only for one moment."


Note: I received this book in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. Please remember that this review is based on my own interpretation of the book.