Nina Bannister Mysteries 6: Sex Change

Sex Change: A Nina Bannister Mystery - T'Gracie Reese, Joe Reese

Usually I don't talk much about the blog tour that I am involved with when I write a review, but I feel the need to a little with this one. I originally signed up for this book, but when the coordinator asked if any of us would be interested in book one (Sea Change) as well, I said that I would read it, with every intention to do so. I sat down a couple of times with it and, for some reason, could not not get into it. I put it away and picked this one up, hoping that it would be different.


I had the same problem with this one, and again, I can't even begin to explain why. Not one to give up easily, I continued to read, wanting to enjoy the story, while at the same trying to figure out what it was about the story that was putting me off. Now, it could have just been me, or the fact that I have not read the first five (I usually like to read a series from start to finish), but I was a little confused at the beginning. The authors don't really introduce us to the characters, I'm sure because they have assumed we have all read the books that come before this one, and that could have been why I had a hard time. Also, the formatting of conversations is different from what I am used to, which also threw me off a bit.


Once Nina went on to Washington, things began to change for me. We left the characters from her home town behind and went on to meet new people, people that we were meeting for the first time, along with Nina, so we received proper introductions. We also witness some harsh treatment that Nina receives - and most definitely does not deserve - and how she handles things along the way. My favorite part of the whole story, and the thing that endeared me the most to the main character, is the speech that she gave in her office (when you read the book, you'll know what I'm talking about). She has in her head what the "correct answer" and "incorrect answer" are, but she's an honest person and just can't seem to keep her mouth shut when it's something she's passionate about, and I like that about her. I also like the way that the public reacts to this fresh way of doing things and how, with some new friends, she stands up for these things she believes in, and deals with some danger, and mystery, along the way.


This turned out to be a really good book, one that maybe some of those guys up in Washington should read and get a few ideas from *wink wink*


I plan on going back very soon to retry Sea Change (hopefully before the end of the blog tour) ... and I'd like to see what else she gets up to before this book, so I will be continuing on with the series after that.


Note: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. Please remember that this review is my opinion based on my personal impressions of the book.