Touched Up

Touched Up - Leo T Dufresne Jr

Before I forget, I have to say - I am just amazed by this cover. When the request was sent to me, I could not stop looking at it and every time I see it, I smile just a little bit more. :)


This was a great story - one of family-life and work-life not completely meshing, blackmail, suspense - all set around a husband-father who loves his family, even though he doesn't fully understand them, while he works hard on a big project with his eyes on the big prize, head-honcho of the company he works for. I really enjoyed how it flowed and kept my attention. As the blackmail begins, I kept trying to see if I could figure out who was behind it, and was a little surprised at the ending.


Mitch Pederson was such a good character - he was different: awkward, didn't really understand people and their emotions, loved his hobby of photography, and very work-driven. I loved watching him as he grew throughout the story. I read some of the reviews on this book after I was done reading it - something I don't usually do - and was really surprised that there were people who didn't like Mitch in the beginning. I kind of related to him and loved how completely honest he was about his emotions and his thoughts - the story is told in first person, but I've read a lot of different stories where they seem like their sugar-coating what they are really thinking, and he doesn't.


His daughter is really well-written (the angst and sarcasm - I remember being her when I was younger) and the people he worked with were all so varied and different, but I liked seeing how he reacted and dealt with each person. As I said before, he didn't seem to understand emotions very well, but he was very observant and able to pick up the little quirks different people have, and use that knowledge when dealing with them.


The character I actually disliked was his wife. She seemed to play a lot of head-games. Instead of just coming out and saying what the problem was, she behaved immaturely. I mean, she'd been married to him for quite awhile, so she knew how he was and, it just seemed like she was constantly trying to work against his personality, or at least use it against him.


Note: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. Please remember that this review is my opinion based on my personal impressions of the book.