All the Butterflies in the World

All the Butterflies in the World - Rodney Jones

When I finished off the first book (The Sun, the Moon, and Maybe the Trains), I was a little ticked off. Knowing that there was a second one, that Tess and John were going to have to go through all of this again was exciting, but at the same time, frustrating. Especially knowing that they were going to re-meet each other because, even though I enjoyed their first conversation, there was something about the beginning of the last book that I found boring. (It got much better, so please, if you read that one, stick it out.)


This book was totally different. Seriously. From the very beginning, I was intrigued. John meeting Tess for the first time was not as awkward (even though it was for her) and I was immediately pulled into the story. This story brought out more emotions in me and I liked the characters more in this book than I did in the last. All-in-all, definitely an interesting and different series, like no other time travel series I've read before, so if you're a time travel fan, these are two books you should add to your TBR list. :)


Note: I received a copy in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. Please remember that this review is my opinion based on my own personal impressions of the book.