Real Santa

Real Santa - William Hazelgrove

I love feel good holiday stories. In fact, in the couple of months leading up to December, I begin collecting them, whether they are just really interesting ones I find on Amazon (or in my local bookstore), or they are read 2 reviews offered to me.


This one was offered to me ... and I wasn't so sure about it at first. The idea of the story sounds awesome - I mean, who doesn't want the children in their lives to stay young and believe as long as they can? (I have beautiful twin nieces that I wish were still the little ones who read stories with me.) This book turned out better than I had expected - if you're looking for a feel good, this one is a good choice - but there were a few characters that I didn't care for, that "over-acted" their positions. My two favorite characters were Josh and Megan - they are my kinds of children, always curious and wanting to know more, still believing, but at the same time needing proof. My least favorite character was their teacher.


Note: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.