Just a few more days!!

Don't worry about knowing all the answers.  That's going to happen.  Not everyone can be as obsessed with what I read as I am haha.  Just list as many as you can (it's easy, just hit "HERE!" and it will take you directly to my email) and whoever lists the most for each game wins.  You have until Midnight Christmas Eve!!  Good luck!!


Think about it ...


$5 Amazon card.


This is FIVE $0.99 e-books (and, for you horror fans, I need to remind you that Jonathan Janz has three marked down to $0.99 right now).  And $5 will pay for one of some of his other books as well.  And $5 will buy you a couple of Adam Light and Evans Light books.  And you can get some more Edward Lorn.  Seriously!!  Think about this!!  $5 is a LOT on Amazon :)

Source: http://the-gal-in-the-blue-mask.blogspot.com/2014/12/the-gal-invites-you-to-play-two.html