The Naughty List

The Naughty List - Edward Lorn

Note to self: Do not read Edward Lorn while eating spaghetti.


I love that the book description on this is so short and sweet without saying a single thing about the story because, being only ten pages, any book description, I feel, would have given away too much. Plus it allows your mind to wander, wondering what it could possibly be about, especially if you're a fan of Edward Lorn.


Now, anyone who follows my reviews - on my blog or any of the book reader social networks I'm on - knows that I am definitely a fan of Edward Lorn (along with a couple of other indie authors that I think are amazing). Every time I pick up one of his stories, I think, 'This is it. This is finally going to be one that I dislike. IT just can't be as good as the last one I read.' And then, when I'm done, I just sit there, staring at the screen on my Kindle, in shock (because usually it ends in some sort of shocking way that I couldn't have expected in a million years) and absolute awe.


This book was no different. Do you like horror? Do you like Christmas stories that are not all sugary sweet? Do you need a few minutes of escape to get away from those in-laws, crazy children on too much sugar, the Christmas shopping, never-ending Christmas music? THIS is the book for you.


And make sure you keep an eye on those reindeers ...


Mr. Lorn, I'm pretty sure YOU are on the naughty list.