Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol - Brett Helquist, Charles Dickens

A Christmas Carol is one of my most FAVORITE Christmas stories. I watch the movies every year. I read the novel every year. And when I find books, like this, that are based on the story, I pick it up. I found the ebook of this story last year around this time and fell in love with the cover, wanting to see how beautiful the story was depicted by the illustrator.


(If you go to Amazon, which is where I purchased this, it's a little confusing. Ya see, there is a hardcover, a paperback, and an e-book. Because of the fact that Amazon allows other people to sell books on there, the sales pages(s) can sometimes be a bit frustrating. I'm confused as to whether the e-book is the same as the one I have now, because it has a different cover; says nothing about Brett Helquist, even though it's connected to the hardcover and paperback that do; and speaks of an introduction and literary critique, which my copy does not have. But that's okay, and didn't effect my rating and review, because that's not why I purchased the book, but I would have been interested to read them.)


If you know the story as well as I do, it's a little awkward reading a shortened version of the whole story because you're expecting words, lines, etc to be there and they're not. The illustrations are amazing, though - seeing the depictions in this book, while reading along to the story, was awesome - so awesome I read it twice before I even shared it with the kidd-os. The details that Brett put into these pictures are great.