Aquarius Rising 1: In the Tears of God

Aquarius Rising: In the Tears of God (Aquarius Rising, #1) - Brian Burt

I sometimes wonder if there are any new ideas out there. So many movies, TV series, and even books are retellings of old stories, and even though some of those are well done, we (at least me) want new, different and exciting - and feel disappointed when we spend our time watching or reading something that is just like everything else.


THIS book. This book is like nothing else I've read. I love science fiction, love science fiction that looks at what our planet COULD be like in the future, especially with some of the crazies that are out there. This is an apocalyptic world different than what I have seen before and it's exciting, seeing this new species, learning about the history and the lies - and every moment of this story is exciting. I caught myself on several occasions holding my breath, fingers crossed, hoping that this character or that character would make it through.


The characters are written really well, the setting is interesting and creative, and the author's words are eloquent (i.e. "We call them dirt-swimmers and plant our gardens on their graves. What right to scavengers have to be so haughty?" and "Traces of Astoria echoed only in the mournful rhythm of a heartbeat or the melancholy music of a thought).


This is a series I can't wait to continue, an author I am going to keep my eye on - and definitely a top favorite of this year.


Favorite characters: Sky-Swimmer and Tattered-Flukes. They are creative characters and great fun to read about. I also like Ocypode, Auriga and Rhincodon.


Favorite quote: "Ocypode retraced his path through a maze of crumbled Human dreams and liquid shadows."


Note: I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.