The Frivolity Fairies: A Christmas Short Story

The Frivolity Fairies: A Christmas Short Story - Jo Michaels

This was a great story that begins with a mother telling a bedtime story to her thirteen-year-old daughter and, before you know it, that daughter is off for an adventure of her own. To tell you what kind of adventure or what she seeks to find would give away TOO much of the story - it's free and only 32 pages so pick it up and give it a read :)


The one thing about the book that I didn't like is that she didn't think the way I expected a thirteen-year-old to think, concentrating on the looks of the man who comes to save her, of kissing him, etc. We could have done without all of that. It doesn't lead anywhere and is only for a moment, but it took away from the story and seemed like an afterthought, something stuck in to for no real reason but to take up space.