Happy Thanksgiving!!


Happy Thanksgiving!! I hope y'all have a wonderful day with friends and family. My mother and I are having Thanksgiving with my friend Cheryl (who lives in the building next to ours) and her husband Scott. This is actually the first time we have accepted an invitation in a long time (usually we are the ones handing out the invitation) - they are making the turkey, stuffing, gravy, green beans and pies; we are making the mashed potatoes, homemade cranberry sauce, cornbread, and mom's making her super awesome spinach dip.

We're supposed to remember the things that we are thankful for on this day and even though I don't usually get this sappy, here we go: I'm thankful for my amazing and beautiful nieces, Maris Vickers and Bridgette Vickers (I wish I could see them, but I know that they love me and I love them, so that will have to be sufficient); I am thankful for my mother, Gayle Roether Hyden, who drives me insane (even today haha), but I love her very much and I am glad that she is in my life; I am thankful for my three loving, yet frustrating cats (Chai, Temperance, and Miss Pryss); I am thankful for my good friends, both here and in "real life" - there are too many of y'all to list here, but you know who you are; I am thankful for my relationship with God (I know this is a no-no for some, and not something I usually talk about, but it is something I am thankful for). I am thankful for my life, and for having yet another holiday on this earth (no matter how much insanity is going on here in the United States).

I am also thankful for The Gal in the Blue Mask and Hyde 'N' Seek Editing, two things that, when started, I didn't think would be very much and now, with a little hard work and while having a lot of fun, have become something pretty big.