The Anchor That Stopped the World

The Anchor That Stopped The World - Agostino Scafidi

Before I discuss the book, I want to point out two things: 1) I do not understand the cover at all. It is not visually appealing nor does it tell you anything about the story. It looks like it may possibly be a weird angle shot of street signs, but the way the picture is, I can't be sure. 2) The book description I read on Amazon, which I posted above, is a bit misleading. It says the story is about "the bad things that are happening to the people around him," but it's HIM that causes a lot of the bad things.


This book is severely in need of an editor - not only to fix the punctuation, sentence structure and other proofreading issues, but to clean up the mess that is this book. The author changes tenses throughout the story PLUS it switches back and forth between the past, the present, and sometimes clairvoyant moments (i.e. "...including one man whom Martin will come to know to be Charles." When? Now? In the future? Turns out that it's within the next couple of sentences). The use of full names of people several times after they've originally been introduced is annoying, especially since their first names are not held by more than one person. The switching back and forth, very often in the same sentence, between Martin's first and last name was really confusing, especially at the beginning.


Some of the things I found completely ridiculous and unbelievable - I know that crime fiction and action movies (and books) are full of this stuff, with explosions and car chases and things like that, but seriously, Martin stabbed the attacker (who was a big biker guy) in the hand with a nail, causing said attacker to drop the knife he was wielding, allowing Martin to grab it and slice the man's throat - really?


The beginning of the story I felt was quite boring - the 107 pages felt like they were well over 1,000 - the unnecessary filler (like descriptions of the colors he uses in his apartment, etc) was tedious to get through.


Once the action got going, though, it became interesting. The plan that he had and the way that it was done was really cool. I liked the biker gang and the way the characters were portrayed.


This could be a good story - once an editor comes in with a Sharpie and a highlighter.

Note: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review. No other consideration was offered, expected or received.