This book. THIS BOOK!!

I'm frustrated.  And I mean REALLY frustrated.  The storyline itself is interesting and that's what keeps me reading - I want to know what happens - but I'm disappointed in the actual writing of the book.  The author is trying WAY TOO HARD to make it an American Indian book.  If I read the words mesa, adobe or ponderosa ONE MORE TIME, I think I'm going to blow.  And the fact that several parts are repetitive - we get that the mother died when she was young, you told us all about it at the beginning ... and then again ... and then again ... and then again ... and then again.  Every time something bad happens or she freaks out about something, we come right back to the fact that mom died.  And some of the conversations are awkward, like they were forced - I assume it's so the author can give information to the reader without it feeling like an info dump, but I would rather have an info dump cause they are much better than the dumb conversation I read between her and her boyfriend.  I expected so much more from this book and this author. *sigh*


You guys can go back to what you were doing now.  Thanks for "listening to" my vent.