Halloween Stories

Halloween Stories: Spooky Short Stories for Kids - Uncle Amon

This book had some potential, but fell short. The stories were interesting, but they were more like chapters in a bunch of different books that were extracted and stuck into this book as short stories. There was no real ending or it just ended without any flair - I'm still not sure myself. There is no artwork, which left me confused because the book description on Amazon says it would be good for kids 5-12 and I can tell you now (as if you, with kids, don't already know): 5 year olds (heck, up to at least 7) are not going to pay attention to a bunch of words (in fact, they kept asking me where the pictures were and you could tell they weren't interested at all).


More Than Frightened - 2 1/2 stars
Haunted Friday Night - 3 stars
The Wicked Witch - 3 stars
The Spooky Pumpkin - 2 stars
The Black Cat - 3 stars
Halloween jokes - 2 1/2 stars