Zombie-Kids - Julia Dweck

This book completely grabbed my attention - you don't usually find books about zombie children - and I found the cover intriguing. I am so glad that I picked it up when I found it for free on Amazon. It is HILARIOUS! And the artwork is spot on. The story of a boy who goes out to hang out with the zombie children in the evenings - what they do and the lesson this boy learns from them. There is a second book and I plan on reading that one soon.


The kids LOVED it. They laughed. They whooped. They pretended they were zombies. They asked me to read it a couple of more times. They looked at the artwork. They tried to make their own zombie kids books. This one of the books I don't mind that they keep asking me for. It might only be 20 pages, but I would pay the $2.99 for it.