Funny & Scary Halloween Poems for Little Children

Funny & Scary Halloween Poems for Little Children - Peter Shufflebottom

This book was a complete disappointment. It is five extremely short poems. Now, I know what you're thinking - "It's only 6 pages, Meghan." This is true. But each page had plenty of room, especially because there was no artwork, to have poems longer than the four or five lines that these were. AND they were not funny or scary in the least - can we say false advertising? Even worse, it was around 25 lines of badly edited poetry. And the author is charging $2.99 for this book (I happened to find it for free).


According to the book description on Amazon, the suggested ages were 6-12, grades 2-7. The kids I read to range from 4-9 - and none of them were interested in these poems. The only reason we finished was because I only had one more poem to go when one of them said, "Meghan, can we read something else? I don't really like this" and they all agreed.