Alice in Halloween Land

Alice in Halloween Land - Peter Joseph Swanson, Peter Joseph Swanson

I am obsessed with anything Alice in Wonderland, so any time I see something that had that idea in mind when it was written, I have to grab it up. This story replaces Alice with a ghost by the same name and the White Rabbit with the Easter Bunny. When it's almost Halloween and Alice sees him rushing past her, confused by the colors of the leaves, she has to find out what is going on and follows him down the hole. When she gets to Halloweenland (Wonderland on Halloween crack), she meets up with lots of different characters (who look vaguely familiar) rushing to get ready for the Easter holiday because Father Time has things all messed up. The beginning of this story is great and I really got into it. I loved the similarities and how fun it was. But, right around the time we meet up with this book's version of the Queen of Hearts, things start becoming just a little, well, eh. The end of the story just seemed very blah, including the part with Father Time, as if the author lost all of his umph from the beginning of the story. If her were to maybe work with an editor and fix some of the things at the end, this could, without a doubt, be a 5 star story.


The kids have watched the movie of Alice in Wonderland and we have read the chapter book, as well as a Disney version, within the last couple of months. They had a lot of fun comparing the two stories - especially the characters - and looking at the pictures. They found the story silly - and laughed when they found out what the problem was.