The Scare (A Halloween Story)

The Scare: A Halloween Story - Kirstin Lenane

Simon is very into scary stuff, Jim is not, but they're best friends despite their differences. This year, Jim has told Simon that he can't do anything scary and it is killing Simon. He decides to not listen to what Jim has told him, though, and definitely learns his lesson.


I thought this story was really cute. Simon didn't make me very happy because he didn't seem to care how his friends felt at all, but I like the way he learned his lesson and the way it ended.


I shared this with the kids and they loved it - and have asked me to read it to them over and over again the last couple of days. When we discussed it, they were very unhappy with Simon as well and said they felt sorry for Jim because he was friends with a guy that acted yucky scaring him when he didn't like it. But at the end, they liked how things changed. It also helped the two kids who don't like Halloween because it's scary to see that it doesn't have to be that way.