Night Chill 2: Night Terror

Night Terror (Night Chill Book 2) - Jeff Gunhus

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review. No other consideration was offered, expected or received.


I want to start with my LOVE for this cover. It is what caught my attention originally when I was asked to be part of this blog tour. It says so much and, at the same time, leaves you wanting to know more.


This book is the perfect sequel to Night Chill and I absolutely loved it. Where the other book had me a little frustrated and confused at first, this one immediately had me hooked, from the very first chapter.


I especially love how Lonetree is described, especially since it's such a contradiction from what the public considers him as: "Since the death of his brother, Lonetree's existence had come to mirror his name. Well, at least the lone part. A tree would imply that he was able to form roots, take hold somewhere and thrive in one spot. But that wasn't him at all. No, anything more than a few days in one place caused him to get antsy. Being a fugitive from the law was a lifestyle that suited him. Don't make friends. Don't stand out. Don't sleep in the same place more than one night."


It is ten years older and Sarah is now 16. Ever since the events that happened in Night Chill, she's been acting as if she is perfectly okay - and even claiming that she has no memory of the things that happened inside the caves. But it is all a lie - she remembers everything!! - and it's a lie that will soon come out to her family.


The way this book began - wow - pulled me in and creeped me out all at the same time. And it showed just how evil this group really is. There is a new evil - a greater evil - and they are on their way to Prescott City, Maryland to get Sarah. And again, her father and Lonetree must protect her.


I read this book in one night - I had to find out what happened for two reasons: 1) I just had to know and 2) there would have been no sleeping without me knowing. This, to me, was more horror than thriller, but I think people who love either genre will really enjoy this book.


Favorite line:
"You know, my grandma complains about my driving too. You sound just like her."
            "Very funny."
            "No, I'm serious," Sorenson said. "I don't know why I didn't see it before. Every day, you're starting to act more and more like her."
            "I can still kick your ass."
            "You're kinda looking like her too. I noticed your man-boobs are hanging a little. Just like Grandma's."
            "Your grandma has man-boobs?" Lonetree said. "That's just wrong."


Favorite character: Sarah and Longtree. And I must say that I have grown to like her father Jack more than I did in the first story. (In the first one, I felt like sometimes he made wrong decisions that didn't always help with the safety of his family, but in this one, once he realizes what he is up against, he is all focus.)